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10/7/05 09:11 pm - youtooktoolong

Rehearsal for CREW is 1-7 on Saturday and Sunday with a lunch break from 3-3:30.

ACTORS need to be there from 3:30- 7 PM on both Saturday and Sunday.

10/1/05 07:45 pm - youtooktoolong

Rehearsal on Sunday, October 2nd is from 1 PM - 5 PM. I'm pretty sure.

9/27/05 09:41 pm - youtooktoolong - FOR ALL C-TALES KIDS!!

Check your email!!!

9/11/05 09:50 pm - youtooktoolong

Hey kids. Cast and crew meeting AFTER SCHOOL on Monday, Sept. 12 for Canterbury Tales. Crew list will be posted in the morning, tell all your friends. The meeting will be in the auditorium from 3 until 4:30. This meeting is MANDATORY.


8/28/05 10:22 pm - youtooktoolong

Hey kiddos. It's been a while since this community has seen a post.

Anyway. CANTERBURY TALES. Yesssssss.

AUDITION FOR IT. And if you don't want to audition, APPLY FOR CREW. Please. This play is going to be so much fun, and we hope to have new blood in SAA Drama.

Auditions are Monday and Tuesday, August 29th and 30th. They will last until roughly 5:00-5:30ish, according to Ms. Miller.

The Stage Manager will be Lauren T. and the Assistant Stage Manager will be Bea C.

Hope to see everyone there.

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5/22/05 09:42 pm - youtooktoolong

Best Crew: Fools (Bea and Lauren went up to make the speech cause they SMed/ASMed)
Best Ensamble: Ross, Kate, Eleanor & Michelle - Fools
Best Supporting Actor: Ed - Fools
Best Supporting Actress: Julie - The Glass Menagerie
Best Actor: JR - The Glass Menagerie
Best Actress: Katie - Fools
Best Stage Managing Duo - Katie & Kevin - The Glass Menagerie
Best One Act Director: - Danny - The Millenials
Best One Act Production: Reluctant Prophets
Best Main Stage Production: Fools (Again, Bea and Lauren)
Most Valuable Fish: Cate
Most Valuable Sophamore: Lauren
Most Valuable Junior: Danny
Most Valuable Senior: Katie
Most Improved: Kate
Most Dedicated (tie): Bea & Katie

5/21/05 12:33 pm - youtooktoolong


The awards ceremony is from 7:00 PM to 8:00 or a little bit later on Sunday, May 22nd.

There is NO admission fee.

You should have voted already, if not, shame on you.

The attire is dressy. That means NICE clothes for the females (skirt/nice shirt, dress), and suit coat (no tie) for the males.

Everyone is welcome, thespians, friends, family, etcetera. We encourage people to come so that we can get them interested/introduced to SAA Theatre.

Leave a comment or contact either myself (Lauren) or Bea if you have any questions.

5/14/05 11:18 pm - youtooktoolong

Hello and happy almost-summer to the fabulous thespians!

This message came from Ms. Miller.
"I'm looking into taking a group of you to see STEEL MAGNOLIAS (hopefully what we're performing next Fall) at the Alley Theatre downtown on Sunday, May 29th, at 7:30pm. Tickets will be only $11.50 if we get more than 10 people to go. Otherwise they're $19.00 for Sundays/Students.

Also, the Country Playhouse Theatre in Town & Country is showing NOISES OFF, a hilarious play full of action & blocking. If you're interested in going, let me know and we'll all go as a group. This show has a Strake Jesuit grad, Larry Hermes, in the cast. It's showing May 6th - 28th. Group tickets are $13.00. I'd be available Friday, May 27th for this.

Let me know A.S.A.P. if you're interested in attending either of these plays with me and a group of us. We could meet up here at school and carpool."

Email her if you're interested!

I'll be there as well, I have free tickets from The Alley.

4/25/05 12:57 am - youtooktoolong

Give a little bit, give a little bit of your love to me.

Anyway, Fools update time. Things are together, finally, fabulously. WE HAVE FIVE SHOWS FOR YOU!
Monday-Thursday, 7 PM. Saturday, 7 PM.
Monday is free. All other dates atre $7 presale, $10 at the door. Cast and crew members alike will be selling them at lunch in the cafeteria at lunch, and will be wearing their Fools shirts so you can recognize them if you want to buy a ticket during class or something.

Also, come join us in an awards ceremony on May 22 honoring the SAA Thespian Club and its participants. Formal attire is the apropos, and tickets are $15. All profits go towards funding various Thespian Club activities in the coming year.

4/20/05 11:43 pm - youtooktoolong

Wow, guys, Fools is halfway through Hell Week! That means... announcements about show times!!

Monday-Thursday at 7 PM

Saturday at 7 PM.

Monday is a sneak preview night, and Tuesday is official Opening Night.

Fools is going to be an amazing show, so come see it! Tickets are 7 dollars presale, and 10 dollars at the door. The ticket profits go towards funding Thespian Club and the SAA Drama Department. Cast and crew members will be selling tickets the rest of this week, and all next week.

Also, for Fools cast/crew, our T-Shirts are coming in soon.
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