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4/15/05 10:29 pm - youtooktoolong

This is a notice for all Fools cast and crew.

There is a CREW ONLY rehearsal from 1-7 PM on Saturday, April 16th. Actors can come and help out if they want to, but they are not required to do so.

There is CAST ONLY (And Stage Managers if they wish) rehearsal from 4-6 on Sunday, April 17th.

Also, for all crew: your homework assignment is to write a traditional 5-7-5 haiku about ANYTHING and give it to Lauren T. on Saturday.

--Your friendly neighborhood Assistant Stage Manager

4/13/05 09:40 am - youtooktoolong

I have an update for you crazy Thespians.

The deadline for self-nominations for Thespian Club Officers is Tuesday, April 19th. The elections are Wednesday, April 20th. Bea will either go on VTV or there will be an announcement on VTV calling a Thespian Club meeting on the day of elections. The meeting will last until about 3:30, and all voting and speeches will take place at said meeting.

So far, candidates are:
Male President: Daniel
Female President: Bea
Vice President: Lauren (Me), Ed, Allison
Secretary: Alex, JR
Council: Erica, Enegeh, Eleanor.

Remember, this is NOT a popularity contest. You are meant to vote for the person who is the MOST qualified candidate, not the person who has the most friends. You can be friends with someone and not vote for them if you don't think they're the most qualified, and that's okay. If you elect the best people for officers, than the Thespian Club and Theatre Department can only get better.

4/10/05 07:48 pm - youtooktoolong

Hey guys, this is a notice for all Fools cast and crew members.

We have rehearsal from 3:30 to 5 Monday through Thursday for everyone who can come. Friday's rehearsal has been cancelled.
Tuesday night is the night for Fools people to go to Dead Man Walking over at Strake, the show is at 7 so we'll have time to get dinner after rehearsal.
Also, Saturday's rehearsal is from 1-7, it's all crew, since the boys have their Dead Man matinee. We'll be finishing up the set (and by that I mean COMPLETELY finishing the set), so bring your painting clothes. Sunday's rehearsal is from 1-7 as well, cast from 1-4.
We had a meeting about the cast/crew party today, so if you missed that, ask people who were at the meeting for details.

For Thespian Club members:
That’s right – elections for next year are going to be held Wednesday, April 20th. If you are interested in any of these positions, please remember that being a club officer takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication! You may nominate yourself for the following offices (some offices that exist this year, won’t be around next year – though, there are some new offices/positions available for next year):

- Mr. or Ms. President (there will be 1 male president to coordinate with Strake and 1 female president for St. Agnes….)

- Vice President

- Secretary

- Theater Council

o Council Head

o Council Members (2)

So, next year there will be 5 main officers and the 2 council members. Below is a description of what each office does:


- Takes charge of and organizes meetings, organizes fundraisers and activities (with the help of the theater council (see below)), makes announcements on VTV, plays an active roll in all productions (whether it be through actually participating in productions or supporting the Thespian Club…), takes charge of the Award Ceremony at the end of the year

Vice President

- Helps Presidents with their jobs, helps organize fundraisers, makes announcements on VTV when needed, takes an active part in all productions, heads meetings when the presidents are absent and helps organize meetings with the president


- Helps the Presidents and Vice Presidents with their respective jobs, sends emails and recaps of meetings to the entire Thespian Club the evening of the meeting, takes an active part in all productions

Theater Council/Council Members (1 Head + 2 Council Members = 3 members make up the council… you can run for either council head or council member)

- Helps the other officers with their jobs, takes a LARGE roll in planning field trips and activities, plays an active roll in all productions

All officers are EXPECTED to attend every meeting and play an active roll in the meetings!

On another note, Katie Wolfe is looking for ANY pictures you may have of people in theater together either working on shows, backstage, on stage, or just in a group. If you have pictures online please send the email address of the pictures to her, or give her the pictures. She can be found in the theater most of the time after school.

Thanks, and comment if you have any questions.
Also! Post a message in your LJ telling people interested in theatre to join, it would be really awesome if we could effectively use this community for messages and such.

4/9/05 12:30 am - youtooktoolong

Hey guys, it's the inaugural entry of the new SAA theatre LJ community, saa_thespians. This community is going to be used for Saint Agnes theatre kids to post notices about rehearsals, shows, or any other interesting theatre goings-on.

As the moderator, I have jurisdiction over what gets posted in here. There are a few basic rules, and they are as follows:
+ No bashing the Saint Agnes theatre, Strake theatre, or any other theatre.
+ Do not bring personal drama into this community. I will delete posts if I think they are breaking this rule.
+ This community is not "friends only", but only members are allowed to post.
+ You can use this community to get theatre notices out to all the people who read this community, but do not post any false information.
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